Programmer/ Architect

Allen is a world-class programmer and software architect. He's built full-stack web applications, micro-services, compilers, database servers, real-time operating systems, and more.

Agile Guru

Allen is skilled at bringing agility to your organization, with services ranging from executive coaching to rolling up his sleeves and working with your teams.


Allen is one of the most respected teachers in the industry. As an expert practitioner, he brings a solid practical focus to his classes that's missing from most “training.” Popular classes include Swift Programming and the Agile/OO-Design Workshop.


Allen speaks internationally on subjects ranging from agile process to nuts-and-bolts programming. His keynotes are always thought provoking and well received.


Allen is widely published (a dozen books, hundreds of magazine articles and blog posts).

Forthcoming and recent speaking engagements:

2015. March 23-27. Central Hall, Wesminster, London.