The Single-page Web App (Agile Architecture I)

This class is a very practical deep dive into the mechanics of a front-end architecture suited for volatile/agile situations where requirements and code are constantly changing.

The class is a great way to quickly come up to speed on all the technologies that you need to build an effective web-based front end, including Typescript, Bootstrap, ReacthJS, and Angular2, which we examine in depth. We also a look at the large-picture front-to-back architecture for volatile environments, and examine ancillary technologies that you need to know to get work done (HTML5/CSS3, JQuery, ReactJS). Since it's a practical class, you'll also learn how to install everything and we'll look at a few development tools (Plunker, WebStorm, VSCode).

This is a hands-on class, and over the course of the class, we'll build a single-page-web-application front end that leverages these technologies and others.

You'll come away from this class with a deep understanding of how those implementation technologies work (and work together).

1-day (Lecture Only) 3-day (Lecture + Hands On)