Micro-service Back Ends (Agile Architecture II)

This class is a very practical deep dive into the mechanics of micro-services: a back-end architecture particularly suited for development environments where requirements and code are both highly volatile. The class takes a case-study approach, looking at the server-side back end of a small blogging system.

We'll look extensively at the architecture of micro-services, which have to be built along well-understood principles to be effective. We'll also see how they fit into a larger application architecture.

Through a series of hands-on exercises, we'll build several services over the course of the class, using the server-side language of your choice. We'll look at deployment on both your own server and to the Amazon cloud (AWS). We'll also look at two NoSQL database systems: MongoDB and Amazon Dynamo.

You'll come away from this class with a deep understanding of how to build production-quality micro-services and deploy them either on your own sever or in the cloud using AWS.

1-day (Lecture Only)
3-day (Lecture + Hands On)