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This .zip file is an Eclipse project that holds a small GWT application that tests the OAuth code presented in the May 2011, DDJ article, Getting Started With the Cloud: Logging On With Google OAuth It demonstrates how a third party can grant permission for you to access their Google data. For example, use this code to allow one of your customers to let your application access your customer's Google-Calendar data.

In addition to presenting the code, the article also describes all the things you have to do (such as network setup and creating a "certificate") to get the code to work.


This .zip file contains the sources for the secure login widget discussed in Implementing Secure Login Part II This is a standalone widget written in JavaScript (on the client side) and Java (on the server side) that implements a small login box. It notifies the containing page on a successful login so that page can redraw itself to reflect the logged-in state. All the client-server communication is done for you by the widget and the included Java Servlet. You need only extend the Servlet and override a few database-access methods to integrate the widget into your appplication.

The first article in this mini-series Secure Login in AJAX Applications describes the issues surrounding secure login and discuss the architecture of the system.