This page holds slides from various conference sessions. See the videos page for a few conference-related videos, including the complete presentation of the Death of Agile keynote from Software Architect (Nov., 2014).


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O'Reilly Software Architecture

Lightweight Messaging ... with ZeroMQ
Designing For Volatility (Planning and Stories)
Picturing Architecture
OO Design: Nuts and Bolts

SDD 2016

Agile Architecture I: Stories to Code *
Agile Architecture II: Nuts and Bolts *
The Death of Agile +
DbC **
Microservice Architecture *
Messaging with ZeroMQ

*  Also used in the Designing for Volatility workshop.
+  Check out also the video
**  Check out the short Video on DbC

Agility (DevWeek 2016 Workshop)

Agility (The Death of Agile)
XP and Scrum

DevWeek 2016

Object-Oriented Design (Both parts)
Responsibility-Driven Design (Stories to Code)
Picturing Architecture

SDD Deep Dive

The Death of Agile
Transitioning to Agile with Lean/Kanban
XP and Scrum
Agile Process
AgileArchitecture: Nuts and Bolts
Microservice Swarms

There's a short Video on DbC here

DbC: Design by Coding
There's a short Video on DbC here
Web Appplication Architecture: The Whole Stack
AgileArchitecture: Designing from Stories

Living on Cloud 1001
OO Modeling
What Is An Object?

Design Patterns

Excerpts from Holub On Patterns (Design Patterns Quick Reference)
HolubLIfe.jar: Game-of-life application (requires Java)
HolubLife: Design-pattern diagram
HolubLife: Static-model diagram